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A private collection of unique properties for hire.
In some of Istria’s best locations.

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Whether you are after a seafront palazzo with your own sea access in Istria’s most glamorous seaside town Rovinj, or a large, secluded farmhouse with 6 hectares of land in the rolling hills of Istria near Motovun- we at Secret Istria can provide you with these unique properties. Combined with our 20 years local knowledge, we promise you an unforgettable holiday!

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Please choose your property. Coastal living or unspoilt rolling hills. We can offer you both worlds!

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We are committed to providing you with a personalized and curated experience. Custom-made hospitality and personal service are at the core of who we are. Secret Istria is all about the details; we value your comfort, your need to rest and recharge, let go and enjoy!


Rolling hills like in Tuscany, Venetian hilltop and coastal towns, oysters and seafood like in Brittany, truffles like in Piemonte, rustic taverns like in Provence- Istria is a magical 21st century playground for those who love the sun, sea, gourmet food, world class wines, award-winning olive oils and Roman...